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Terribly In Love Heidi Crawford

The desert is where my home and heart is. I utilize it’s beauty often as it is forever fueling my inspiration for my art in many forms.

Hi, I’m Heidi! My most favorite people call me Pie.

Texas born (military brat) and Arizona raised. Ever since I can remember I was picking up my Dad’s drafting pencils and tools, drawing my summers away. In 2009, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. My eye for design, art and passion for composition eventually led me to pursue photography. I started my photo journey (many myspace moons ago) by taking self-portraits and of my fur-babies. This eventually led to friends asking me to take photos for them and their small business’ and to my surprise even their Weddings!

I love the power of photography and how it’s undoubtedly an instant time traveler. Reliving  those tiny moments in time over and over again is priceless. My photographs are the only thing I can do to keep my baby little forever, and is a part of our story documented forever that we will leave for generations to come. I am over the moon happy to have the opportunity to share that same experience with others! It’s ALMOST like possessing a magical power!





 You can most often bribe me with granola by the handfuls, smoothies, almost anything boho/sparkly/girly vintage & preferably floral print! I am easily distracted by marathons of Dateline ID, binging on photography & makeup tutorials, and of course Pinterest cruising dreaming up new DIY home decor ideas.

Spontaneous camping trips with my husband and son are what I do best. My little family is my biggest inspiration in everything that I do.

My Happy place: Iced Coffee in one hand, camera in the other.

Cherishing the sweet everyday moments one picture at a time.

A glimpse into my heart

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