During our session I want to make everyone feel extremely comfortable and relaxed, and want you to truly have fun with it! We will play with slightly posed and unposed compositions. I strive to capture my clients in the genuine moment, interacting as they naturally do. This includes some tickle fights, and playful moments with you and your family.
 I like to often pretend I’m a fly on the wall, capturing fun perspectives and just being your personal far less aggressive paparazzi for the evening! Be forewarned tho, I will most likely break the ice by cracking some “funny to me” jokes ( sorry in advance ). I really try to go the extra mile to help you feel at ease in front of my camera. If you feel confident you will with no doubt love your photos!
I really obsess over capturing the small and quiet unsuspecting little moments shared between you and your loved one.  I do include a few “traditional” images in your gallery, however, I focus the majority of the session around “in the moment” lifestyle documentary work. I ask that parents relax, focus on me and genuine interaction and just be in the moment, rather than stress that your kiddos aren’t smiling or sitting correctly. Alternatively, if you have an idea or an inspiration, lets talk about how we can make it a reality during your session! Portrait sessions don’t HAVE to be serious, and most definately should be a fun experience.

After our session, you will be provided with access to an online temporary gallery to view and download your fully-edited digital images within two-three weeks from our session. From the gallery I suggest to download your high resolution files on a desktop for future printing. You will also have access to smaller sized files for your social media sites.