Wear something that makes you feel good, comfortable & seems to coordinate well with whomever you might be taking pictures with or the location you think fits your style! Remember to dress comfortably and feel confident in what you are wearing.  I  prefer no screenprints/logos/words/ or busy patterns because in most cases it can be distracting and date your photos.

This also might sound silly, but a good ole teeth flossin’ and a fresh manicure go a long way. Details like this are sure to make you “picture perfect ready”.

If you are still stumped on what to wear, I can help you create a color scheme and give ideas based on the location you are choosing! Any props are welcome, specificially something that might represent you and your personality. If you would like to incorporate a styled shoot with multiple props, let’s talk! At this time I do not generally provide props but if I have something available such as a cute chair I will try and bring it at your request!