Where Have You Been All My Life?

heavensentcolorfuldress1-0291 frontandbackdress

My ears perked up after hearing my boyfriend utter the words “I think I wanna go shopping.” So what is a girl to do besides take their man by the hand to find some new threads, and maybe do a little window shopping themselves? hah. Well as you see above I did a little more than {window} shop. My eyeballs perdy much jumped outta my face when I stumbled across this piece of amazingness. Although I am sooo ready for fall, I have not a care in the world that this is more of a springy dress.
 I snagged it up at the Buffalo Exchange over in Tempe for a whopping $11.50!!! Once I got it home I examined it in awe seeing that it is beautifully handmade. Long story short I LOVE LOVE LOVe IT!!! Pictures in it soooon!

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