Love my Nieces to Pieces


happybdaycake-0429cillibday-0409 presentschadnadcilli

They are getting so unbelievably big and more beautiful every time I see them. They are my little best friends and my heart just melts just hearing their sweet little voices.

Too bad my flash broke a few weeks ago ::sadface::, because as per normal the girls were running all over the place I could hardly find them let alone get a nice un-blurry photo. But, how cute are the purple and pink haired Mermaid babies I found for them?! When I was a little one I would always get anything and everything in purple and my sister Holly would get everything in pink, just carrying on the tradition! & lastly I just love how enthused my Chadwick looks in his cutesy crown! baha.

Anyways, my belly is still full of cheese pizza and I was happy to see my family. Happiest of Birthdays to these two sisters!


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