Could this be earth, could this be light ?

Knit Duster – Forever 21
Abstract Bralette – Urban Renewal
Thrifted Cutoff Shorts- Harley Davidson
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell {Studio WV}
Trying to squeeze in some more of my teensy weentsy clothes before it gets too coldy outside. That doesn’t usually happen til the end of October here in Arizona (if we’re lucky). Also, believe it or not these are my very first pair of JC’s!! I know…where have I been?? Well unfortunately ::and with all honesty:: I haven’t had 200 bucks to blow on a pair, and I knew if I was patient I would stumble across a pair in my budget.These babes were $30.00!!! ( in perfect condition might I add ) I would like to thank the store Last Chance, you rock my world!

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