Seventeen Weeks Pregnant


Well here it is. The “bump.” I already have the urge to rub & grab the belly. I’ve always wondered why pregnant woman did this. Now I just can see for myself it’s just instinctive. Here I am obviously still trying every last attempt to wear my itty bitty dresses, that I have convinced myself I will never be able to wear again. My sister made a joke saying she thinks she can see the babies head. ::gasp:: guess I’ll be retiring this dress along with 5 billion others.

I’ll leave you with 10 Random Facts that I posted on Instagram, that I thought I would post here as well.

  1. We find out the gender Feb 3rd. But have actually decided to wait until Feb 8th to find out with family & friends!
  2. My first ultrasound photos are kind of scary looking ;P
  3. I feel like I am already having a hard time dressing the belly. & to think I have sooooo much more growing to do.
  4. I quite often wake up with daddy Chaddy’s hand on my belly. Such a comforting sweet sweet feeling/sight.
  5. I haven’t unfortunately felt the wee baby move yet
  6. The babe is anterior positioned. ( The placenta is at the front wall of my uterus creating a cushion ) Hence why it’s harder to feel movement
  7. I despise dirty mirror pics of baby bumps. Come on ladies!! You are going to want to look back at these moments.
  8. I am loving citrus, cereal, & veg burritos galore from Chipotle. Emphasis on CEREAL!
  9. My nails have never looked this fabulous in my life.
  10. I hope I look as beautiful as my mommy did when she gave birth to me.

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