yummy yummy. Okay not just grapefruit, which happened to be what I was eating here but lemons ( with salt, not too much don’t worry)! And most  of all oranges upon oranges upon oranges. I have been eating like a maniac quite honestly. Not because I want to, or because I’m using the excuse of “eating for two.” I am literally, utterly, incredibly, terribly starving at every moment in the day//night. I even have had moments where I polished off a whole meal and ten minutes later was starving. I hate to admit it but I have teared up sometimes because eating has become a hassle, and something I didn’t even enjoy anymore.

I am sooooo happy to say that my morning sickness went away. Yes I had morning sickness. I mean ALLLLLL DAYYYY sickness. The instant my eyes opened in the morning I ran for a bowl of cereal ( usually Raisin Bran ) to avoid any sick feelings. But honestly there was no way to escape it. At this time I was working, so while Chaddy was driving me to work I had to press my hand against my mouth & convince myself I wasn’t going to yack.   I can’t even express how elated I am to be writing this in past tense because I really couldn’t see passed this horrible part of pregnancy. So much so that I couldn’t even feel happy about the actual miracle that was happening in my body. If for some reason any preggies happen to stumble upon my blog here are some of my pointers that you probably have read a million other places as well.

  1. Take your vitamins before bed!! This was number one. Hopefully you will be able to sleep through any nausea that might kick in later.
  2. Make sure your prenatal vitamins are the correct mcg & mg. Too much iron & folic acid can make you feel even more yucky. Prenatal Vitamin Guide
  3. Everyone & their Grandma’s dog will suggest Saltines. schmehhh. I got so sick of them within the first week. I ate whole wheat Triscuits & toast.
  4. Preggie pops….I never tried em. I never wanted to go searching in a huge store looking for suckers. I never got my hands on ginger either.
  5. I bought so much hard candy. Mints were a god send. oh & lifesavers. Theeeeee best. I probably loaded up on sugar but they somehow helped
  6. Brushing my teeth. Strangely I would wake up at around 4 am ( still do ) to brush my teeth. Somehow a fresh mouth soothes me
  7. Cereal saved my life. I think I ate about 8 bowls a day no kidding, not just any crappy kiddie cereal but actually tasty healthy ones!
  8. Apples & cold grapes were my all day snacks in between meals
  9. Drink lots of water.. just do ittttt & gatorade for some flavor. Skip the sodie pop & caffeine!
  10. I had to avoid sooooo much food that I once loved. I couldn’t believe it. Rice, avocados, black beans always seemed to hit the spot tho

I’ve heard from ladies that their sickness never went away & from some that they never got sick. Just remember this too shall pass! These are just some of the random things that worked for me & thought it would be fun to somehow document. Everyone figures out what works best for them during the beginning and difficult stages of pregnancy.



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