Gender Reveal Party!

So the moment we had been waiting for, 18 looong weeks. IT’S A BOY! This honestly came as a shocker, as for some reason Chad & I had it in our heads it was going to be a girl. Both him and I have been so accustomed to my little nieces ( 5 of them + 1 on his side ) that we really haven’t been around any little boys. We did have a little girls name picked out but will have to go on the back burner for the time being!

A boy name is certainly in the works, his first name has basically been decided but a middle name isn’t clicking just yet. Not sure when we will let everyone know his actual name, but we wanted to avoid any negative feedback relatives usually have. For example, we told someone in the family ( won’t name names ) a name we were thinking about. Later I was approached and told ” noooo you can’t name him that, I knew a kid in school named that who’s brother killed his mom.” Morbid I know. But it was just so silly to me. Everyone Is going to have someone they know with such and such name & have a story. Soooo my purpose bringing that up is that is why we are keeping the baby’s name in hibernation for a bit.

Anyways our actual reveal was so much fun & was certainly hard having an envelope in my hands with the gender written inside. I handed it off to Chad’s mom since she was going to have to buy the balloons & help with party planning. I woke up the night before with some sort of restless body syndrome. I was sort of shaking & my mind was racing, so much anticipation & such a life changing event was going to take place the next morning. Maybe too much information but the morning of the party I got sick & couldn’t hold down my breakfast. NERVES!!!!

Since it just so happened that we were able to find out the sex a week before my Birthday we decided to have a little combination party. I loveeeeee Valentines Day. I guess not the actual day but just all the decor, & mushy cutesy love stuff that goes along with the holiday. So our party was definitely influenced by February & the month of LOVE.

partydecor copy

Red = Girl // Grey=Boy

Silhoeuettes.heart cookies.white chocolate covered velvet cake with butter cream cheese frosting.Heavenly Fruit dip for plain strawberries.Chocolate Chip cookies made from scratch.& finally got to use my gumball machine!

Chad’s mom was the one behind all the wonderful cooking including lunch ( not pictured ) matched with my vision & decor, and Chad’s monies. Team work!

& the actual reveal video!


My mom & brother weren’t excited at all about the *boy* announcement. ;p


I feel like a huuuuuge weight had been lifted off my shoulders now that we know what our little bundle is. I know a healthy happy baby is what counts, but it is quite a blessing to be able to be prepared. A final thank you to everyone because I still can’t get over how many sweet friends we have that attended who made us feel so loved. & kisses to all my girlys who brought me a plethora of tulips & other flowers.

Oh by the way I glossed over the fact that in the midst of this I turned 29. Yowza!

Happy Love Day.

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