Bump update. bumpdate?…

Photo Feb 19, 5 39 11 PMThis week I hit the big 20 week mark. Yes this means the little guy is halfway done cooking! I can honestly say that the second trimester has been a treat. Truly makes you forget about all the insane hormones/sickness the first trimester had to offer. Now it’s all about slowly embracing the new body. It’s been hard gaining weight, not gonna lie one bit! I’ve weighed about 115-120 for the last ten yrs and for some reason had a super flat tum by no fault of my own. I pretty much had to keep all of my clothes boxed up after the move, and retreat into pajama pants & boyfriend shirts cause I feel like that is the only thing that fits. I am being dramatic tho because I think I probably feel bigger than I look.

I found myself walking by some mall windows the other day and saying to Chad…I miss my skinny clothes already, none of that stuff would look good on me now. He responded quickly by saying “babe, I think you are the most gorgeous you’ve ever been.” Even tho I couldn’t exactly agree I really felt like he was being sincere. I couldn’t help but smile and say thank you beb. ( I felt like this was a compliment I should actually accept. )

Anyways, as the scale keeps climbing I keep reminding myself it’s all for the bestest/greatest thing in the world. I’m growing a human being for goodness sake! And I certainly know other women out there pray for the mama glow/preggy belly. I am blessed. If it’s one thing I’m reminded everyday is that this all goes by so fast, embrace it all!

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