He’s Here! Welcome baby Atlas

Our sweet sweet boy is finally here! All ten precious pounds of him.

Atlas Dean Crawford made his way into the world July 15th,2014 at 9:38am. Let me assure you all his arrival isn’t as easy as it sounds! This little boy was due on July 5th and had no plans of his own to make his grand entrance. I was 41 weeks and scheduled for an induction on July 12th at Mercy Gilbert medical center. That night we started the process thinking it was going to be fast but not quite painless. The first night they inserted something called Cervidil and this usually results in contractions in 12hrs. In which it did start making me contract often but wasn’t progressing in dilation. I was then told the action plan of moving forward with the process of using gels 3 times over. These gels are made up of prostaglandins which lead to contracting/dilating as well. After almost 5 VERY very painful sweeps & exams I was so exhausted but not quite moving along & given another painful Cervidil. The next morning I was given a pill called Cytotec,  which is very potent & is usually used for the last attempt in inducing strong contractions.

Next thing I knew I was doubled over in pain for what seemed like an eternity. Chad’s mother Patty happened to stop by & really held me together through the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I’d like to gloss over this part of my labor as it’s not exactly something I want to remember. All I know is that I had two great people rubbing my back, & holding my hair back as I tossed my cookies, while it felt like my uterus was being put through a blender. To hear the lovely words “you’re at 4cm” was the sweetest relief = epidural time. As I sat on the side of the bed, hiney out, back hunched, and my head laying on the nurses chest I was the most vulnerable I had ever been in my life. The epidural was not painful whatsoever and before I knew it my toesies were getting numb along with anything/everything south of my belly button . It was like I crawled out of nightmare & was now floating on the fluffiest cloud. I lay there, (still contracting might have you) but laughing & smiling! I eventually fell asleep to recorded sounds of the ocean, and woke up to my water breaking around 4am. It was that warm weird feeling people talk about ….”eep did I really just pee?” The nurse soon checked me to see that I was dilated 8.5 cm. I was able to get more rest but did wake up trembling uncontrollably and my teeth heavily chattering.

My sister Holly showed up the next morning & was such a doll. She grabbed my makeup bag and started putting some mineral makeup,a little blush & lipgloss on me. I had asked her prior to try and take a few photos & videos if she would of the delivery, and knew I’d appreciate such attempts to help me look somewhat camera ready hah! It didn’t exactly help as I still looked like a lunatic in pain ( in the photos ) haha. Next thing we knew I was finallllllllly 10 cm 100% effaced and was told “let’s get this baby out.” With Patty & my sister taking turns holding back one leg, & Chad on the other, I began my journey of huffing & puffing with all my might for 2 hours straight!

With every push the doctor and nurses assured me “he was almost here,” giving me that much more incentive to push harder. At one point I was asked if I wanted a mirror and I responded in horror “no thanks.” I don’t think I could have handled the sight of what my poor lady parts were going through. I was then asked if I wanted to feel my baby’s head, in which I did. I completely lost it, burst out crying once I felt his head, knowing he was so close & how real everything was. He slowly worked his way out, daddy cut the cord soon after and at last was rested on my naked chest for some skin to skin. With Chaddy on my side, sweeping my hair out of my face, and staring at his newborn son in awe, I couldn’t believe the miracle that we created. My baby was able to lay on mommy for an hr while we stared at this little angel in complete amazement.

The rest of our stay at the hospital was amazing. The nurses were soooooo wonderful, emphasis on the wonderful. They all showed so much care for me,baby and even dad! They worked with me on breastfeeding & answered any questions I had gladly. I even found myself sad after the the nurses shift would end. These ladies deserve an award for what they do really. I mean to be able to clean,spray & diaper a grown woman in pain from giving birth and show so much care, is beyond me. With that said thank you nurses Tamara, Holly & Lana.

We ended up staying at the hospital for a total of 5 nights. Within that time of the induction process up to birth we were very comfortable in our big and beautiful delivery room with a view and I was able to finally focus on beginnning my healing process. I am currently still on that road to recovery, as i did have a second degree tear, but have come a long way for it only being 11 days after delivering considering  I was once walking like a 90 yr old man.

And that is a pretty short and sweet version of my birth story.

Currently we are enjoying our precious gift from God & love kissing every inch of his squiggly body. I will probably repeat this a million times over but my heart is really seconds from exploding.

We love you Atlas & all the smiles/joy you have already given to mommy & daddy.



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