Happy Half Birthday to Mr. Spudz

Photo Jan 15, 11 23 45 AM

Atlas is such a big boy! ( happy/sad mommy face )

A few milestones for you all:

Sitting up on his own like a pro.

Pulling himself up on anything and everything.

Blowing buckets of spit bubbles, and sticking his silly tongue out

He loves the doggies ( Annabelle & Veda ) they are just alright with him hah!

He wakes up once or twice a night for feedings, and tends to sleep in the morning. ( mommy and daddy like this very much so )

Atlas is now eating baby food as well. He LOVES it.

He loves bath time, and playing with rubber ducky.

His favorite toys are his Sophie, his singing book, and his baby facial expression book.

He enjoys dangerous living quite frankly.

My love is determined to grow up and not be a baby anymore.

Stay Little!!!

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